Andrew S. Jacobs Epiphanius of Cyprus

Andrew S. Jacobs Epiphanius of Cyprus
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  • author: Andrew S. Jacobs
  • isbn: 9780520964983
  • Форматы: EPUB

Epiphanius, Bishop of Constantia on Cyprus from 367 to 403 C.E., was incredibly influential in the last decades of the fourth century. Whereas his major surviving text (the <I>Panarion</I>, an encyclopedia of heresies) is studied for lost sources, Epiphanius himself is often dismissed as an anti-intellectual eccentric, a marginal figure of late antiquity. In this book, Andrew Jacobs moves Epiphanius from the margin back toward the center and proposes we view major cultural themes of late antiquity in a new light altogether. Through an examination of the key cultural concepts of celebrity, conversion, discipline, scripture, and salvation, Jacobs shifts our understanding of &quot;late antiquity&quot; from a transformational period open to new ideas and peoples toward a Christian Empire that posited a troubling, but ever-present, &quot;otherness&quot; at the center of its cultural production.

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